IWK Research Services 2018 Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarship.

To be considered for one of three Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarships valued at $2500, grade 12 students in the Maritimes must intend on continuing their education at a Maritime post-secondary institution (college or university) in a field that will enhance research and/or innovation in health care.

Awards will be issued as follows:
One in Nova Scotia One in New Brunswick One in Prince Edward Island

Students submitting an application must include a cover letter, essay, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. The cover letter should explain why they are interested in a particular area of health research and/or innovation and how their post-secondary education will help them pursue their research goals. The essay must be written using scientific evidence to explain the specific area of health research and/or innovation they would like to pursue and how their research and/or innovation could potentially contribute to the health and well-being of children, women and families in the Maritimes. The student must provide one Academic Reference (e.g. a teacher who can speak to their marks and school performance) and one Character Reference (e.g. a coach or boss who can speak to sportsmanship or work ethic). Lastly the student must provide their Grades 11 and 12 (in progress) transcripts, and have a minimum average of 75%

Applications can be submitted to:

IWK Health Centre
5850/5980 University Ave
Halifax, NS B3K 6R8
Attention Denise DesLauriers, Research Services
or by email to (if submitting via email please combine files into a single pdf)
For more information, phone 902.470.7548 or email
Deadline is March 1, 2018

Grade 12 students applying to UPEI
Good News! UPEI updated their scholarship format. Students are now able to apply for a majority of entrance awards by filling out just one form, Stayed tuned, a representative will be coming out to sit with any students planning to apply for scholarships! Watch for announcements.

The only additional scholarship applications you would need to submit additional information is for the following five awards:
Harrison McCain Scholarships
Michael S. Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Wanda Wyatt Scholarships
Glenda Mackinnon-Peters Engineering Scholarship
Father Charlie MacDonald Engineering Scholarship

The deadline remains March 1st for all submissions.

Harrison McCain Scholarship

Available annually to students attending University who have graduated from a high school in Canada. Criteria for the awards include a minimum 80% average in senior year of high school, financial need, leadership qualities, and a recognized initiative in funding your own education.
Deadline: March 1 (each year)
Number: varies
Value: $16,000 (over 4 years)
*Interested students need to get an application from student services

UNB Currie Scholarship
The scholarships are awarded annually to students beginning an undergraduate degree program at UNB upon graduation from a high school in any of the four Atlantic Provinces.
The Currie Undergraduate scholarships are intended to support the education of future leaders. The applicants are therefore asked to submit an essay (not less than 250 words) giving the selection committee an indication of their leadership capabilities, including (but not limited to) school and extra-curricular activities. Required in the essay is evidence of overcoming barriers or difficult situations.
Deadline: March 1 (each year)
Number: 4
Value: $50,000.

The McEwen Scholarship
(Coop Atlantic)

The McEwen Scholarship is an entrance scholarship awarded to two undergraduate university students each year. The scholarship is allocated in the amount of $1,000 per year for up to four years. The purpose of the scholarship is:
• To improve understanding and knowledge about co-operative issues and co-operative organizations; and
• To fulfill one aspect of Co-op Atlantic’s socioeconomic responsibilities to the community by assisting deserving students in reaching their educational goals.
Each year, a McEwen Scholarship will be awarded in each of the following categories:
• Co-op Members
• Employees
Applicants must be accepted at an accredited university. Through an application form and a formal written essay, applicants will be judged on the following criteria:
• demonstrated knowledge of co-operative issues and/or co-operative organizations
• good academic performance
• demonstrated community/school involvement
Deadline: March 1 (each year)
Number: 2
Value: $4000

Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) Student Leadership Award

The Canadian Association of Principals and Lifetouch Canada are proud to sponsor the CAP Student Leadership Award. This award allows principals the opportunity to recognize one of their student leaders and to enter that student as a nominee for a national scholarship. Nationally, the Canadian Association of Principals will administer the scholarship program.
• Each school is asked to nominate one student leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership.
• Nominees should be in the top 20% of their class – an average of 80% or above.
Criteria for Selection (100 possible points):
• Leadership in school activities (1 – 25 points)
• Leadership in community activities (1 – 25 points)
• Academic achievement (1-25 points)
• 250 word, on how you have demonstrated your leadership abilities to foster a safe and healthy lifestyle in your school and community? (1 -20 points)
• Recognition, awards, honours and scholarships (1 to a maximum of 10 points).
Deadline: March 1
Number: 12
Value: $750

The Leonard Foundation Scholarship

All applicants will be considered but preference will be given to children of ordained clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school teachers, Canadian military personnel, members of the engineering institute of Canada and members of the mining and metallurgical institute of Canada.
Deadline: March 15 (each year)
Number: approx. 140
Value: $1,000-$1,500

Atlantic Scholars Scholarship

Awarded to the top academic applicants to the Faculty of Agriculture who have shown a commitment to their community through extra-curricular activities.
Deadline: March 15, (each year)
Number: not specied
Value: $10,000 (per year)
Organic Studies Bursary

This bursary is awarded annually to a student entering his/her first year of post-secondary studies in organic agriculture. The individual must have a minimum high school average to date of 75%.
Deadline: March 15 (each year)
Number: 1
Value: $750

It’s Your Job …
Workplace Rights, Camera, Action!

Young Worker Video Contest
Applicants submit a two-minute video about the importance of workplace health and safety!
Deadline: March 27
Number: 1
Value:$1000 (for student) and $1000 (for their school)

CollegeWeekLive Monthly Scholarship
All you have to do is, login into CollegeWeekLive and choose 3 colleges that interest you. One lucky winner a month.
Deadline: March 31
Number: 12
Value: $1000

Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarship – Learning Disability

Open to a student who has or will be graduating from a PEI High School and has been accepted to an accredited post-secondary institution. Must have a documented learning disability,
Application Review Date – March 31st

Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarship – Single Mother

Open to a student who has or will be graduating from a PEI High School and has been accepted to an accredited post-secondary institution. Must be a single mother,
Application Review Date – March 31st

The John Helou Scholarship

Will award up to two exceptional Canadian youth with the financial support they need to overcome the financial obstacles that come with a personal or familial diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The recipients must be enrolled in a science,technology, engineering or math undergraduate program and will receive $6,250/year for four years to apply to tuition– for a total scholarship of $25,000.
Eligible applicants must:
>be a Canadian citizen;
>have at least an 85% (or equivalent)
>be planning on enrolling full time in a Canadian, American or Foreign university,
specifically in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) program; *
>be high school seniors or graduates who have MS or who have an immediate family member with MS
>demonstrate leadership and/or community participation through two reference letters from a non-family member (min. one academic);
>include a written submission (max. 800 words) on the relationship of MS in the
student’s life and how their course of study will guide them on a path that will impact
people living with MS
>demonstrate financial need.

Due Date – March 31st



Eligible applicants will be from Atlantic Canada and entering, or already enrolled in, a post-secondary health care degree level program at an Atlantic Canadian institution . This scholarship focuses on the impact of community service and as such, applicants should be active participants in their community. A minimum grade average of 80 per cent is required.

Application Requirements

• Essay (1,200 words maximum). Please write an essay introducing yourself and answer the following question. How has your own participation in community service inspired you to pursue studies in a health care eld?

  • Completed application form
  • Résumé
  • Of cial copy of most recent transcript
  • Academic reference letter†
  • Character reference letter‡
  • Due March 31st, 2017
  • $5000
  • Visit the following link to see what health programs this covers wessex_scholarshipapplicationform_2017_1

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