The following scholarships and bursaries are due during the summer months. You can access them by visiting the following site http://youth.dioceseofcharlottetown.com/bursaries/. All applications are completed online.

Aboriginal Canadians Scholarship (NUPGE)
All Aboriginal Canadian children /grandchildren (including foster children /grandchildren) of National Union of Public and General Employees’ current / retired members who plan to enter the first year of a Canadian public, post-secondary education institution full-time in 2015 – 2016 are eligible to apply.

Deadline: July 6
Number: 1
Value: $1500

Visible Minority Scholarship(NUPGE)
All visible minority children (including foster children) of National Union Employees/Members who plan to enter a Canadian post-secondary institution full time in 2014-2015 school year.

Deadline: July 6
Number: 1
Value: $1,500

Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship (NUPGE)
Intended for all children with a disability who are children of a National Union employee. Applicants must be entering their first year of post-secondary education in 2014-2015.

Deadline: July 6
Number: 1
Value: $1,500

Tommy Douglas Scholarship (NUPGE)
Open to all students who plan to enter the first year of a Canadian public post-secondary education institution full-time in 2015 – 2016 and who are the children, grandchildren or foster children of a NUPGE member.

Deadline: July 6
Number: 4
Value: $1,500

Rev. Patrick J. Mooney Memorial Scholarship
• Candidates must be attending a post-secondary institution
• Candidates must demonstrate an active involvement in their church at either a parish or diocesan level
• Candidates should provide evidence of community involvement
• Candidates must be practicing Roman Catholics
• In addition to completed application form, candidates must provide two letters of reference
• Successful candidates may not hold other grants, scholarships or bursaries totaling in excess of $3,000.00


Deadline: July 31 of the current year
Number: 1
Value: ?

• The selection committee stresses citizenship, the development of leadership and an interest in Canada and in maritime activities
• These are awarded during any year of study at an accredited post-secondary institution
• Preference for this scholarship will be given to the children or grandchildren of veterans.
Deadline: July 31, 2015
Number: ?
Value: $1000

The SOS Safety Scholarship
To qualify, students must creatively prepare and upload an essay, action plan, or resource guide that outlines prevention of the social issues covered in the magazine. For example Bullying, Suicide, Gang/ Youth Violence, Drug Addiction.

Deadline: July 31
Number: 1
Value: $5000

The Saint Dunstan’s Bursary program
Applicants for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:
• You must be an Island student and be graduating from a PEI high school with a grade 12 average of at least 65%, or must have achieved an average of at least 65% in your previous year of study.
• An OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT must be sent to our office. (We will not accept a transcript that comes directly from the student, a transcript that is computer generated, or a transcript that is labeled “unofficial” by the university).
• You must be a practicing Roman Catholic with a letter of recommendation forwarded from your pastor (required for first-time applicants only).
• If entering the first year of university/college, attach a copy of conditional acceptance from the university/college the student is planning to attend. Those in university must qualify as full-time students (i.e. normally defined as a minimum of three courses per semester), and college students must attend on a full time basis.
• The post-secondary institution must be non-profit.
• Awards will not be made to students receiving other awards of $3,000 or more.

Deadline: July 31 of the current year
Number: 1
Value: ? (renewable)

Maritime Affairs Scholarship
These scholarships are intended to assist with tuition and may not be awarded where the government provides free tuition eg. enrolment in the Canadian Forces, acceptance at the Canadian Coast Guard College, or by grant covering the cost of tuition.

Deadline: July 31
Number: ?
Value: ?

Masonic Scholarships
To qualify you must be a member of a Masonic lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island or his wife, widow, son, daughter, brother or sister.
Deadline: July 31 (each year)
Number: 3
Value: varies


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