Mental Health Resources and Information

The following links have a great list of resources for student and parents on depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders, suicide, drugs/alcohol, when to get help, and much more.

Please take a look but also seek counselling support if you feel you or someone you know is showing signs of poor mental health.

With the legalization of marijuana comes a need for parents to be talking openly and honestly about drugs with their teenagers. This is a difficult conversation and many times parents are sure where to start and even more confused about the facts. Below is a link that can help parents with that conversation. This link was recommended by a local youth addiction counsellor and well worth the read! The tips are practical and can help parents create an open and ongoing dialogue. We also have paper copies at the office. Contact Student Services if you would prefer a paper copy. We will also make these available at our next parent teacher interviews in October 2018.
Cannabis Talk Kit

How do I parent my teen

Teen Mental Health

Mind Your Mind: This website offers resources and strategies that help with wellness and personal growth.

Where can I go for mental health help?