Looking for something really fun to do this summer? Adventure Camp has got you covered! You can learn new hobbies and skills at Choose Your Own Adventure Camp or learn how to fish and survive in the wilderness at Adventure Survival Camp or get empowered and gain leadership skills at Girls Rock! Camp. What will your week at Adventure Camp look like? You will climb the high and low elements at the J.R. O’Hanley Ropes Course, climb the Red Rock Climbing wall, swim, stand-up paddleboard, play all sorts of games and sports, create art, learn leadership skills and make friends and memories. Snacks and lunch are provided. For more information visit: peiadventurecamp.wordpress.com To register call the Adventure Group at 902-628-8668 Katelyn Kennedy, Summer Camp Director 902-330-935

It’s never too early to start talking about careers with your son/daughter.

  • Use time spent in the car with child to ask about their interests.
  • Get involved in the community and other activities with your child (e.g. consider volunteering together).
  • Make a list of jobs/occupations that are of interest to your child and select one each month to explore and discuss.
  • Save newspaper articles that might stimulate discussion and put them on the fridge for everyone to see.
  • Explore music, books, movies, TV shows, sports, and other things your child is interested in.



Below are some links to helpful websites for parents of elementary school children.

Anti-Bullying Information




Conflict versus Bullying





Mighty Moe


The ZONES of Regulation

ZONES website

Zones visual


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