Community Service Bursary

Students entering grade 10 in the fall may begin collecting community service bursary hours this summer. Student are credited for up to 150 hours of volunteer work. This program then provides your post secondary institution with $750 toward your tuition costs; less if you collect fewer than 150 hours.


This year marks the first year that they will move to online registration. Please visit the following site to see how to proceed.

Student Registration

Students entering grade 10 are also expected to collect 10 volunteer hours as part of their CEO credit. Students are free to collect 5 of the total 10 hours the summer BEFORE entering grade 10. Attached is the form students must fill out in order to received credit for completing these hours. Volunteer contract and rubric

Please see school counsellors if you have any other questions.

Bursary Hours! Where can I volunteer?

Students interested in volunteering at either the Colville Manor or the Souris Hospital are asked to see Ms MacGregor Harris and pick up an application form. Students (grade 10 -12) can use these hours toward a community service bursary or for the service component in Leadership/CEO/Wellness.

The Tuna Cup Challenge is looking for servers on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 from 6 – 9 at the Eastern Kings Community Center. Please contact Melinda MacAulay for details, 969 0359.

Ten Thousand Villages will be hosting a sale again this year at St Mary’s Hall October 20 – 21 st. They are currently looking for volunteers to help with setup on Friday Oct 20 starting at likely about 9 (a non school day) and take down the next day beginning at 4 pm. If there’s a senior level student who has experience running cash, they could also work some of the sale hours doing that. There is also an opportunity for a group to organize a bake sale at this event, last year our Vimy group took this opportunity to raise $ for their expenses. Students can use these hours for the community service bursary or for courses requiring volunteer hours. Please see Ms MacGregor Harris if you are interested in either of these opportunities.

The Colville Manor is looking for a minimum of six students to volunteer for the 2016-2017 school year. These hours can work toward Community Service Bursary hours and look great for students intending to apply to any health related fields. Student Services is currently looking for a list of interested students that the organizer could meet with during the last week of September. Please see Ms MacGregor Harris or Ms Jackson-Deveau if you have questions and/or wish to add your name to the list.

Students interested in volunteering at the Souris Hospital this year can pick up an application form outside of student services. The following is the criteria:
Teenagers, both male and female, 15 years or over. Candidates for the program must receive the permission of their parents or guardian and the recommendation of their school’s Guidance Counselor. Students must also provide a criminal record check.  Please see Ms MacGregor Harris for details.