Monthly Archives: April 2017

What’s up this month?

Scholarships/Bursaries and Money!

  • Grads are reminded to check out scholarships available for May and June on this website.  Simply click on the month and find up-to-date information and application forms.
  • If a scholarship asked for a reference, students should give teachers and community members at least 2 weeks notice to get these letters completed.  They should also provide additional information like resumes, marks, scholarship details – to help with supporting detail.
  • Community Services bursary sheets will be accepted up until June 30th.  Please visit Student Services for a registration and/or hours sheet. These bursaries are valued up to $500 and are included on student post secondary accounts sometime in November of their first year.
  • UPEI will be here Tuesday, May 2nd to help students pick out courses.  Holland College was here today to help with scholarships, due May 15th!
  • There will be a Student Loan presentation on May 23rd, parents are encouraged to sit in on the presentation if they wish (this is generally presented during school hours).
  • Grade 12 students should expect to start hearing about scholarship offers in the next month.  Please provide Student Services with a copy of the scholarship letter!
  • Grad Prize Sheet will be distributed to grade 12 students on Monday, May 1st, completed sheets are due Thursday, May 4th.
  • Please remember to speak to Student Services regarding where the FINAL TRANSCRIPT needs to be sent.